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Detailed cargo-by-cargo tracking of specialty products broken down by type and grade. Global coverage of Base Oils, Lubricant Additives, Asphalt, Petcoke, Biofuel, and Edible Oils

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ClipperData is the only service that provides comprehensive global cargo flows for specialty products.

We offer:

Comprehensive US coverage for exports and imports and includes exact grade, shipper and quantity.

Class, volume, shipper, declared destination, actual loading point and discharge point for all base oil exports from the US. Coverage of non-US base oil flows in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East by grade

Extensive and comprehensive data set on imports and exports of renewable and biofuels, as well as edible oils in the US and across the globe.

Global information includes tracking of shipments and extensive coverage of ethanol and vegetable oils (both edible and fuel).

Easy access to an extensive data set for competitive analysis, supply and demand balances, and trend analysis.

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