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Detailed cargo-by-cargo tracking of specialty products broken down by type and grade. Global coverage of Base Oils, Lubricant Additives, Asphalt, Petcoke, Biofuel, and Edible Oils

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ClipperData is the only service that provides comprehensive global cargo flows for specialty products.

We offer:

Comprehensive US coverage for exports and imports and includes exact grade, shipper and quantity.

Class, volume, shipper, declared destination, actual loading point and discharge point for all base oil exports from the US. Coverage of non-US base oil flows in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East by grade

Extensive and comprehensive data set on imports and exports of renewable and biofuels, as well as edible oils in the US and across the globe.

Global information includes tracking of shipments and extensive coverage of ethanol and vegetable oils (both edible and fuel).

Easy access to an extensive data set for competitive analysis, supply and demand balances, and trend analysis.

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ClipperData Specialty Products Articles

Recent Articles from Commodity Research on Specialty Products by Analysts at ClipperData

Missed port calls by container vessels offer early insight into economic slowdown 02/04/2020 | By Andrew Couper

The effect of the coronavirus outbreak on world trade is yet to become clearly visible in shipping data, but there are already signs of a slowdown. The number of missed port calls – scheduled port visits that are skipped by the vessel – is one way to measure the immediate impact of a slowdown in […]

Brazilian Group II Appetite Grows 01/28/2020 | By Andrew Couper

Exports of Group II base oils from the United States to Brazil grew for the third consecutive year in 2019 as Brazil’s demand for more advanced lubricant formulations continues to grow. US exports of Group II products to Brazil hit a record 274,897 tons in 2019, up from 228,342 tons in 2018 and 123,788 tons […]

Base Oil Break Up 12/04/2019 | By Andrew Couper

US base oil exporters are facing significant demand changes because of higher Group II availability in Europe and the continued global switch from Group I to Group II base oils. Higher availability, more competitive prices and a wider range of applications compared to Group I make Group II the dominant global base oil. US Group […]

Group II Base Oil Exporters Wait on European Tariff Decision 09/23/2019 | By Andrew Couper

Importers of Group II base oil into Europe may have to start paying a tariff if the current waiver is not extended beyond December. European production, meanwhile, could influence trans-Atlantic flows. A working group within the European Commission met earlier this month to discuss whether to extend a tariff waiver, which currently allows Group II […]

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