Comprehensive coverage of US imports and exports of all petrochemicals. Global movements of industrial gases and bulk petrochemicals. Including, but not limited to: olefins (ethylene, propylene, & butadiene), aromatics, naphtha, chlor-alkali (caustic soda) and methanol.

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Gain access to the cleanest data set of movements of petrochemicals around the world.

Our US data is complete and covers all bulk chemicals. Our global data is concentrated on the biggest-volume movers. ClipperData is the only service tracking global cargo-by-cargo movements of bulk chemicals.

We deliver normalized data sets of movements of bulk chemicals: Olefins; aromatics, halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohols and intermediates, polymers, industrial gases and fertilizers, ethylene, propylene, butadiene, naphtha, caustic soda, chlor-alkali and methanol.

ClipperData offers:

Data that includes shipper, volume and declared destination, as well as actual loading and discharge points.

Detailed data on containerized chemical exports, with a special focus on polymers, including shipper, volume and declared destination.

All chemical descriptions include CAS codes, resulting in easier data searching.

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ClipperData Petrochemicals Articles

Recent Articles from Commodity Research on Petrochemicals by Analysts at ClipperData

Price Pullback Stokes Ethylene Buying 11/20/2020 | By Tom Pawlicki

Steadily rising prices of ethylene between mid-April and mid-September caused many buyers to turn to alternative sources, but a recent pullback in the market has rekindled interest. Ethylene offtake this month is currently around 172,825 metric tons, and compares to 253,399 Mt in October. Ethylene prices on the US Gulf Coast rallied more than 225% […]

TEMPORARY DOWNTURN 11/13/2020 | By Tom Pawlicki

Most petrochemical crackers are running at relatively high operating rates amid the coronavirus pandemic, as demand for virus mitigation products requiring polyolefins remains high. In the UK, however, operations slowed recently at Navigator’s Teesside and Exxon’s Fife plants, as supplies of natural gas liquids feedstock became limited. There are some signs that feedstock production may […]

US LPG Loadings Reaching Record Levels in August 08/18/2020 | By Tom Pawlicki

Naphtha’s price surge in May and June has made LPG more cost effective for petrochemical crackers that are able to switch feedstocks. LPG prices moved only slightly higher during the naphtha rally, and especially so in producing regions such as the US. As a result, a favorable arb developed for US suppliers, and loadings are […]

Impact on Olefin supply from petrochemical crackers outages 08/14/2020 | By Tom Pawlicki

Petrochemical cracker outages can impact olefin supply and feedstock demand in the ports where they reside, but mixed results from a few recent events may be more of an indication of things to come. Naphtha offtake in East Asia so far in August is up nearly 4% from July. Similarly, ethylene offtake is strong with […]

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