Forecasts of upcoming loadings and discharges. We offer a holistic view of the natural gas market, including pricing, storage, and cargo flows.

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We deliver a unique combination of prices, volume on the water, pipeline flows, storage and interpretation, all assembled by our seasoned LNG analyst.

ClipperData delivers:

A combination of vessel tracking and on-shore liquefaction and gasification capacities, providing you with a forward look on flow.

Daily price assessments for opaque markets in Europe and Asia, offering you greater market transparency.

Market commentary focusing on emerging patterns and trends, as well as disruptive events, helping you to predict potential future impacts.

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Regional Exploration

Regional Exploration

Our LNG Regional Exploration dashboard takes a deep dive into buying patterns, country & port based supply share, offtake seasonality and port-level performance.

Macro Load Trends

Macro Load Trends

Big-picture loading and offtake data, along with seasonality visuals to quickly assist analytics, shippers and traders with the state of global trade.



Regional Trade Flows

Regional Trade Flows

Quickly view of LNG trade flows for laden & ballast vessels, based upon port and region to review trade flows for specific time frame between ports or regions.

ClipperData LNG Articles

Recent Articles from Commodity Research on LNG by Analysts at ClipperData

July 2020 Review of Global LNG Flows 08/03/2020 | By Kaleem Asghar

Global exports of liquefied natural gas in July totaled approximately 28.7 million tons on board 474 vessels, much lower than July 2019’s pace of 31.7 million tons, with a reduction of loading from the US & Pacific regions. Approximately 27.6 million tons arrived on 471 vessels at import terminals in July, compared to 30.8 million […]

Will China and Australian Relations Boomerang Back? 07/27/2020 | By Amir Richani

The latest developments in international relations between Australia and China could result in a case of “what goes around comes around”, as Australia’s recent finger-wagging could return to haunt it. Australia hopped onto the world stage when it demanded an investigation into China for the spread of the coronavirus, which has crippled the global economy […]

June 2020 Review of Global LNG Flows 07/06/2020 | By Kaleem Asghar

Global exports of liquefied natural gas in June totaled approximately 28.2 million tons on board 472 vessels, much lower than June 2019’s pace of 29.3 million tons. Approximately 27.6 million tons arrived on 447 vessels at import terminals in June, compared to 29.5 million tons in June 2019. The number of floating LNG cargoes remained […]

US-China Energy Flows Belie Combative Rhetoric 06/08/2020 | By Amir Richani

Tension between the United States and China has ratcheted up in recent weeks amid increasingly hostile rhetoric. The global spread of the coronavirus has further hurt relations between Beijing and Washington, stoking the possibility of a new trade war amid a global economic slowdown. However, from a flows perspective, all seems to be fine. LPG, […]

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