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Real-time data and projections for traders, deep and granular history for analysts, extensive point-in-time data for quants, trend and market analysis for investors.

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View the richest and deepest cargo data set in the industry, comprising exact grade of clean product, quantity and in many cases, shipper and receiver.

We offer:

Extended time series – combined with grade specificity – facilitating pattern detection in cargo flows and highlighting arbitrage opportunities.

A breakdown of light distillates, middle distillates and biofuels by over 90 different grade subtypes.

Data-driven analysis that grounds forward-looking views for investors, with a medium- to long-term time horizon.

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ClipperData Clean Petroleum Products Articles

Recent Articles from Commodity Research on Clean Petroleum Products by Analysts at ClipperData

Coronavirus Mitigation Equipment Demand Bucks South American Annual Downturn in LPG Offtake Trend 11/17/2020 | By Tom Pawlicki

Yesterday, I talked about the usual downturn in LPG offtake at this time of year in South America. There is typically pressure on imports to countries like Chile and Brazil due to less demand for LPG heating fuel. This year, however, there is more demand for coronavirus mitigation equipment that uses LPG feedstock to produce […]

Increasingly Cluttered Clean Product Glut Builds off Mexico 04/27/2020 | By Amir Richani

Lower demand for refined products, sparked by quarantine measures and limited onshore storage capacity are leading to a glut building offshore several Mexican ports. Some vessels are waiting for more than a week to offload. Based on information from Onexpo, Mexico’s petrol station association, the demand for refined products in Mexico has decreased by more […]

The To and Fro of Mexican Flows 02/28/2020 | By Amir Richani

Mexican imports of petroleum products from China and South Korea doubled between 2018 and 2019, and though the United States remains by far its largest supplier, Asian refiners have gained market share in the Central American country. Last year, Mexico imported 20,000 barrels per day of gasoline from China, up over 50% versus the previous […]

Colombia’s Give and Take with the US 02/19/2020 | By Amir Richani

Colombian crude oil exports last year were at the slowest pace on our records, although the export of new grades has helped temper a stronger decline. Last year, the South American country began exporting its heavy Acordionero and heavy sour Apiay Blend grades, which combined represented around 3% of the country’s total crude exports. The […]

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