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Oil makes for a sticky situation in Venezuela

Diplomacy intersects with energy sector concerns in Venezuela’s upheaval. Recognition of opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela by the United States, Canada and several right-leaning Latin American powers shows the tenure of Nicolas Maduro is under threat.

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ClipperClip: Venezuela & the Energy Flows Involved

I was out on CNBC Asia last evening discussing the current situation in Venezuela, and its path back to energy. We discussed the crude flows leaving the country, where they are going, and how dependent Venezuela is on the flow of diluent into the country from the US.

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About those Iranian and Venezuelan Flows

Today’s blog takes a look at Iranian and Venezuelan flows in the face of geopolitical tension, production challenges and sanctions. For Iranian crude exports, we focus on the key regions of Europe, China and India, while for Venezuela we assess the changing flows into the US – the leading destination – as well as China and India too.

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