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ClipperClip: Hope Springs Eternal

Today’s appearance on CNBC Squawk Box discussed the key takeaways from the latest OPEC and IEA monthly reports, as well as what we’re seeing in our ClipperData in terms of our US imports of Saudi crude. We also discussed where prices could go for the rest of this year.

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The GERM Report

Here is the latest GERM Report. Last week, we looked at the political landscape of the 1970s that spawned U.S. political leaders like the last John McCain. With parallels to Watergate in the headlines, we again try to take a lessons-learned approach to geopolitical strategy by revisiting the remarks of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. With U.S. planners sharpening their focus on domestic issues, the secondary supports for world markets – emerging economies – are starting to fail. With the OECD seeing signs of a slowdown, we take a look this week at some of the underlying causes.

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