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IMO Toughens Up on Climate Change

In an effort to tackle climate change, member states of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) have agreed to enact tougher carbon standards on newbuild ships two years earlier than planned. At the 74th meeting of the Marine Environmental Protection Committee

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Container Lines Prepare for 2020

Major container lines are facing higher costs due to an increase in expected bunker fuel prices from IMO 2020. To cover their costs, container lines are proposing Bunker Adjustment Factors (BAFs). BAFs are tariffs added to base freight rates that take into account changes in fuel prices, the major component of operating costs.

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ClipperClip: Heavy Heavy

This morning’s appearance on CNBC Squawk Box discussed the abundance of light crude amid a lack of heavy barrels ahead of IMO 2020. We also discussed signs of weaker oil demand from China and Germany, while Russia is ramping up product exports.

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