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US Corn Export Outlook

With six weeks left in the 2018-19 marketing year, US corn exports are struggling to find their footing as South American loadouts take center stage. US loading marketing year-to-date have totaled 43.60 million tonnes with the USDA now forecasting 2018-19

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Brazil Corn Exports Ready to Rock

Word that US corn production will be sharply lower this year has spurred talk that the United States will import a significant amount of corn this year from Brazil given FOB spreads between the two countries. Brazil corn was last

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Challenges remain for Alunorte alumina refinery

The Alunorte refinery in Barcarena, Pará state, in northern Brazil, is not likely to return to full alumina production in the near future. The company cut production after heavy rains in early 2018 raised concerns about leakage from retention ponds and potential contamination to surrounding areas.

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