Standing at the Terminal Overlooking the Bay

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This is a guest post from our friends at IIR Energy.

Standing here at this terminal overlooking the Corpus Christi Bay; one reflects on where all of these vessels are headed as they make their way out into the wider world supplying hydrocarbon molecules mainly, for global electrification.  LNG to Power.

For this Corpus Christi LNG export terminal is one of four such recently placed in service.  And one knows that even more such trains are coming. Fortunately, Industrial Info Resources (IIR) gives you a thorough understanding of such developments.

Figure 1. Industrial Info approved US LNG liquefaction commercial startup by train


IIR, and its unparalleled boots-on-the-ground research, is able to rigorously track projects, thereby creating a living, real-time timeline that is not available elsewhere in the industry. In addition, IIR provides a Research Hotline to answer your myriad hot-button questions, enabling you to move forward with data and insight confidence to formulate an educated and, informed view on how these projects will impact your business today and into tomorrow.

For feed gas has more than doubled — from roughly 4 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) to 9 Bcf/d – to these U.S. LNG liquefaction trains.

Figure 2. Industrial Info feed gas to existing LNG Liquefaction trains


And with ClipperData, one can track the vessels from these U.S. LNG terminals to the countries receiving these hydrocarbon molecules.

Figure 3.  ClipperData Global LNG — Corpus Christi to South Korea


And thanks to IIR, one also will be able to track the details and specifications to upcoming LNG receiving terminal projects globally.

Figure 4.  Industrial Info Southeast Asia LNG Receiving Terminals

As one knows, the Global LNG market is tightening.

Figure 5. Industrial Info tightening LNG market


So standing at this terminal overlooking Corpus Christi Bay, it is apparent that a global energy transition is happening.  And, IIR is poised to ensure one has the vital market intelligence necessary to thoroughly understand the nuances of this transition.