A weekly analysis of politics, policy & trends impacting the global energy market.

A subscription to GeopoliticOIL offers readers succinct analysis of the political and macroeconomic developments affecting energy markets, helping them to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of political and military developments in the Middle East, West Africa, Latin America and Russia that could impact the production and transportation of crude oil and products
  • Learn more about policy plans and implementation in large producing and consuming countries
  • Assess geopolitical risks and predict the potential for upside or downside price shocks driven by non-market factors

Analysis by regional experts

  • GeopoliticOIL’s focused commentary is written by analysts deeply familiar with the countries they’re covering, who speak the local language and have a network of knowledgeable sources on the ground.
  • The expertise in local politics and economic policy is combined with the extensive knowledge of energy markets and logistics of our analysts.
  • The analysis is supported by our proprietary flow data. If there is a disruption in deliveries, we do not rely on hearsay, we count the cargoes.
  • In addition to the weekly newsletters, the service also includes fast analysis of breaking news events that are emailed to customers when needed.

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