Author: Josh Lowell

IMO Toughens Up on Climate Change

In an effort to tackle climate change, member states of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) have agreed to enact tougher carbon standards on newbuild ships two years earlier than planned. At the 74th meeting of the Marine Environmental Protection Committee

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Global Distillates Report: An Economic Audi-ble

On June 4th, the German KBA Motor Transport Authority published data showing a build in new passenger car registrations in May. Included in this growth was a month-on-month 16.2 percent increase in diesel-engine car registrations. Registration of gasoline-powered passenger cars

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Global Distillates: Contamination Woes

Distillates Russian oil exports along the Druzhba pipeline stopped in April after contaminated crude had entered the stream. Reportedly contaminated in the Volga region of Samara, the crude contained traces of organic chloride, a compound used to increase oil production.

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