Know The Cargo™

ClipperData offers the most comprehensive database of waterborne flows – oceangoing, inland barge, ship-to-ship transfer, and floating storage of all crude oil and refined products worldwide in real-time. Now including petrochemicals, bulk products, and container shipping.

Our History

ClipperData was founded in 2013 by leading executives in the commodities and energy data analytics industry: CEO and Co-founder Abudi Zein; Co-founder Simon Young; and Executive Chairman, Sterling Lapinski. Leveraging exclusive partnerships with US Customs & Border Protection and Inchcape Shipping Services, ClipperData developed a proprietary data offering in order to bring a new level of transparency and accuracy to the global cargo tracking industry.

Beginning with a database of global cargoes of crude oil and refined products, ClipperData’s market coverage has grown to include liquefied gases, lubricants, grains, container ships and petrochemicals. Headquartered in New York City, ClipperData has additional offices in London, Singapore, Houston, Raleigh, and Louisville.

ClipperData Leadership Team

Abudi is our CEO and co-founder. He specializes in energy market pricing, information product development and fundamental analysis. He most recently led efforts at Genscape to create new information products based on the company’s proprietary energy data. Prior to joining Genscape he worked in the energy information industry in Tokyo, Singapore, London, Houston and New York. He has held management positions in editorial, product development, marketing, sales and general management. He was CEO for Argus Media, Inc, a Senior Vice President at Oxford Analytica, and Sales Director at Platts London. Abudi holds a master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Hanover in Germany and an M.A. in Journalism from the University of Missouri – Columbia.

Abudi Zein CEO & Founder

Simon is a co-founding partner and investor in ClipperData. He co-founded Caminus Corporation, a provider of energy trading and risk management software and consulting services, where he designed and delivered high-performance trading platforms for first-tier energy traders in New York, Houston, London and across continental Europe. He and his partners took Caminus public in 2000 (NASDAQ: CAMZ) and the company was subsequently acquired by SunGard Data Systems in 2003. Simon holds an A.B. in English Language and Literature from Harvard.

Simon Young Co-Founder

Sterling is our Executive Chairman. He is an entrepreneur and angel investor with a focus on information services, energy, and risk management, but with wide-ranging interests across most areas of science and technology. He currently serves as an advisor and board member to multiple early-stage businesses. Most recently Sterling was a co-founder of Genscape, Inc., the world’s leading provider of real-time energy information. Sterling created and managed the technology and intellectual property core of the business, and is a named inventor on more than a dozen domestic and foreign patents. In addition to being named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003, Sterling helped Genscape place on the Inc. 500 list of the country’s fastest-growing companies in 2004 and 2005. In 2006 Sterling and his partners sold Genscape to the Daily Mail & General Trust (LSE: DMGT). Prior to founding Genscape, Sterling worked in various capacities in trading and risk management, starting in fixed income and moving to energy and commodities. Sterling holds a B.S. in Finance from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Sterling Lapinski Executive Chairman

The ClipperData Crew

Emma Montoya Global Head of Sales

Kim Chrislip Director of Operations

Matt Smith Director of Commodity Research

Peter Jayawardena Chief Financial Officer

Rae Hagen Client Relationship Manager, U.S.

Roy Hano Chief Technology Officer

Tong (Steve) Shao Director of Quantitative Analysis

Alan Eixman Sales Director - Western U.S.

Aldin Kulenovic Data Analyst

Alex Dunham Data Management Lead

Amir Richani Geopolitical Analyst

Amy Barnes Marketing Manager

Andrew Couper Oil Markets Analyst

Angela Garzon Sales Director – Latin America, Petrochemicals

Austin Swertfager Data Visualization Manager

Baptiste Colmagro Data Visualization Specialist

Bill Saunders Sales Director – Canada, Eastern U.S.

Dan Graeber Chief Editor

Demi Alifu Data Quality Analyst

Grant Khan Sales Support Specialist

James Caldwell Product Manager – Container Shipping & Tankers

Jared Fellenbaum Data Analyst

Joe Mills Sales Director – Europe, N. Africa

Johns Lang Data Analyst

Josh Lowell Senior Energy Analyst

Kaleem Asghar Director, LNG Analytics

Karim Bastati Oil Market Analyst

Mengxia Lu Market Data Analyst

Mia Jin Market Data Analyst

Momoko Koshimizu Client Relationship Manager, Asia

Nicolas Chandik Data Visualization Specialist

Noam Raydan Geopolitical Analyst

Poorva Despande Data Specialist

Prateek Jagadeesh Analyst

Ptah Plummer Data Analyst

Rebecca Hawkey Client Relationship Manager, Europe

Rebecca Salsbury Oil Market Analyst

Rick Silva Senior Software Developer

Roberto Acedo Data QA Analyst

Ron Farmer Export Data & Logistics Manager

Samantha Zhang Senior Market Data Analyst

Sara Holland HR Manager & Legal Advisor

Simon Yeo Sales Director, Asia

Thanos Moraitis Data Analyst

Tom Pawlicki Senior Oil Market Analyst

Troy Vincent Senior Oil Market Analyst

Yuan Su-Minto Lead, Dev/Prod Support/QA

Yuwen Li Senior Market Data Analyst

Zoey Wang Market Data Analyst

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